Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days to a Happy Marriage: Day 23: Compliments

Compliments can go really far in a marriage.  Learning to give and receive them can give your marriage just the little boost it may need.

Yesterday, we talked about being attractive for your spouse.  But, what's even better than being attractive for your spouse is knowing that your spouse thinks you are!

Complimenting our spouse is another one of those things that we do a lot when we're dating, but as time comes and goes and as schedules get busy, it's also one of the first things to go.  I don't think we intentionally think, "I'm not going to tell my wife she looks beautiful."  I think it's just one of those things we don't really think about as much.

When Jeremiah tells me I look nice, and he takes time to notice the little things (like a hair cut, a good supper, or a new shirt) it makes me feel like a giddy school girl on the inside.

I'm not talking about fluffed up flattery here.  I'm talking about noticing the effort your spouse puts into looking nice, taking care of the home, working hard, cooking supper, managing life and actually letting your spouse know they do a good job and you appreciate them.

I can tell a difference in Jeremiah as soon as I show appreciation and let him know he's doing a good job.  It brightens his attitude.  Genuinely complimenting our spouse lets them know we care about them and notice what they do.  It lets them know they are on our mind.  We go from being self-centered to focusing on our spouse.

Proverbs 18:21 tells us, "Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose."

We have the power to speak life over our spouse by complimenting them.

Take a little time today to compliment your spouse.  Let them know how much you appreciate them and what they do to make your life better.  It will take your marriage a lot further than complaining and keeping the good stuff to yourself.

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  1. Good reminder - little things can make a big difference. Love this series!