Monday, July 19, 2010

Emery Rose will be joining us November 8, 2010 (or somewhere around there)! I haven't blogged in so long, but not because nothing has been going on. Jeremiah and I found out the first of March that we'd be having a little one. :) We are super excited! We found out in the middle of June we'd be having a little girl! Emery Rose is what we've decided to name her. Emery, after our good friend, Wayne Blaylock, and Rose, after my twin sister, Amanda Rose, and Mimi, Rosemary.

We've moved into our home, and are still getting settled. Once we found out Emery was on her way, we booked it at getting a family vehicle and a house. We were blessed to get both so easily. Right now, I'm in the process of picking out her room "theme." I really don't want a "theme," but more cohesiveness.

Here's her room:
And here's the main fabric I want to use:
I've been looking up tutorials on how to make crib bedding, so I decided to do that instead of buying it. My mom is going to help me, so hopefully, it'll turn out ok :)

I got my inspiration from this:
I plan on using most of the fabrics, but adding a couple and taking a couple away. I love the idea of this. Her bedding won't be the exact same style, but similar. I'm really looking forward to getting started! Since I'm 24 weeks along, I feel like time is going by so fast and I won't get it all done it time. I know I will. :)

We are blessed!