Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mother's Song

A couple of mornings ago, Emery was watching the Disney Channel while I was getting ready. In between blow drying my hair and refilling Cheerios, I caught the sweetest poem.  It's called "Mother's Song."  It's a lullaby written by the 19th century folklorist Sabine Baring-Gould.  It brought tears to my eyes and describes so perfectly how I feel about my sweet Emery Rose.

Mother's Song

a Traditional Lullaby

My heart is like a fountain true
That flows and flows with love to you.
As chirps the lark unto the tree
So chirps my pretty babe to me.

There's not a rose where'er I seek,
As comely as my baby's cheek.
There's not a comb of honey-bee,
So full of sweets as babe to me.

There's not a star that shines on high,
Is brighter than my baby's eye.
There's not a boat upon the sea,
Can dance as baby does to me.

No silk was ever spun so fine
As is the hair of baby mine.
My baby smells more sweet to me
Than smells in spring the elder tree.

A little fish swims in the well,
So in my heart does baby dwell.
A little flower blows on the tree,
My baby is the flower to me.

The Queen has sceptre, crown and ball,
You are my sceptre, crown and all.
For all her robes of royal silk,
More fair your skin, as white as milk.

Ten thousand parks where deer do run,
Ten thousand roses in the sun,
Ten thousand pearls beneath the sea,
My babe more precious is to me.

(Skip ahead to 0:35 to get to the poem)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New

I knew I was extra excited about the New Year worship service at church for some reason.  I went expecting and I received!  During Praise and Worship, the Lord gave me a song, just for me (the best kind).  Out with the Old and In with the New; Know who you are, I'll do it for you.  Rest in My love and walk in My grace; Everything else will fall into place.  It's my anthem for 2012.

I love a fresh start.  Love it!  The feeling I have about 2012 is so huge it's hard to pinpoint.  There are so many emotions I have about what this year will hold.  I feel that 2011 was the, "Out with the Old" year for me.  And, boy was it hard and painful at times.  It didn't feel good releasing what I wanted to be (and thought I was) in control over; only to find out I never was in control of any of it.  Apparently, I'm a control freak. :)  But, I'm learning!

2012 is my, "In with the New" year.  I feel it.  I have a living hope about it.  I know it.

This year I feel like God is wanting me to focus more on certain areas of my life that have not seemed as important in years past.  Probably the last 3 months of 2011, God started really dealing with my heart about areas that are/would be changing in my life.  He's been preparing me for 2012 all along.  It's so sweet of Him not to spring it on me, but to slowly deal with me.

  • One of the biggest areas He's been teaching me about is friendships and their importance.  This year, I will be purposeful and intentional in my friendships.  I will make an effort to make more meaningful friendships and let my guard down.  I will ask 'friends' to do things with me even when I would sometimes rather do them by myself so I can be more vulnerable to them.  I will be comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • This year I will study to show myself approved.  A sweet minister, Mary, gave Jeremiah and I a word about this a few months before we were married.  She told us to study and know the scripture.  I read and know a lot of scripture, but this year I'm ready to be obedient to study the word.  I've never been much on studying.  Even in school I would just read over things once or twice to 'know' them.  But, this year, I'm going to actually dig-in to God's word.
  • Be loved and love back.
  • I will simplify (me, too Michelle!) -- get rid of the junk, the clutter, the unnecessary crap in my home (and heart).
  • I will pursue good health.  This is one God's really been dealing with me about.  He's been preparing my heart for this for a long time.  As this one comes in 2012 it will be effortless effort if that makes any sense (it does to me, and that's what matters ha!).  I'm excited about the outcome!
  • Learning how to manage household and money affairs.  God's put us in exactly the right spot for this.  He's continually teaching us what to do.  We're going to listen better. :)
There are a few more near and dear to my heart that will remain there.  But, I will say....if I don't accomplish a single thing in 2012, I will not feel condemned or 'less than.'  I'm complete in Christ and no amount of goal accomplishing -- or lack of it -- will add to or take away from that.  

As I read Edie's blog, Life in Grace, (one of my favorites), my heart was saying 'YES!!!!"  That is exactly how I feel about the new year.  I was even just talking to God about the hopes and dreams He's placed in me and how even if they're never accomplished, just having them in my heart is enough.  

I welcome you, 2012, with open arms and an open heart.  The best is coming!