Friday, October 21, 2011

31 Days of Homemaking - Days 17-21 - Life

For the last 5 days, life has been a whirlwind.  My twin sister had her 1st baby, sweet Jozie Mae.  She's the spitting image of her daddy, Chris.  I got to be there for most of the birth experience and it's just a precious miracle!  I'm so proud of Amanda.  She's already such a good momma.

Unfortunately, her husband's father passed away this week.  Luckily, Jozie Mae got to meet her grandpa before he passed on.  My goal the last 5 days has been to be there for my sister whenever I can without neglecting my own little family so her husband can focus on being there for his family.  Jeremiah has been super helpful, taking care of Emery.  And crazy enough, Emery has been weaning herself (so bittersweet for me).  She's basically down to 2 or 3 nursing sessions a's so weird from going from every 4 hours to this.  I feel like I'm getting my body back for myself, but my sweet baby isn't a baby anymore.  This is so blatant since Jozie came along.

I'm learning this week that homemaking does not stop at your own home.  It should continue wherever it is needed...Making people feel at home wherever you are.  What's more comforting than that?  My mom is the queen of homemaking, and I know Amanda is so appreciative of what she's doing for her.

Seeing the miracle of life and the passing of life all within 1 week really makes you appreciate the moments you get with your loved ones.  I'm thankful for God's evident grace and love on my sister and her husband.

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  1. Precious Kristen. Sweet wisdom. I'm so thankful Mana and Chris have you and your family. I cannot imagine the emotional highs and lows that they must be feeling at the same time. I'm thankful Jozie Mae got to meet him.

    I also used to be sad when my babies grow up too fast and they do, but I have only learned they get better with age. Enjoy it where you are and don't rush it, like I know you do, but be happy because the best is truly yet to come. So neat you get to have a repeat of the baby stage just when Emery is stepping into the big baby stage. You are such a wonderful mother. Those baby girls are blessed to be born to such families.

    Love you.