Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days of Homemaking - Day 10 - A Little Pick-Me-Up

If you walk into my living room on most days this is what you'll find...

As you can see, we really needed a storage box.  I saw a super cute box at Sam's that was perfect for our living room.

It's amazing what a little box can do for a room!  

As I studied a few self-help :) cleaning books/websites, one of the things I learned was to time how long it takes to do certain cleaning activities.  In my mind it took something like 15 minutes to empty and fill the dishwasher and 30 minutes to do laundry.  After timing myself, I found out it actually only takes a couple of minutes for me to do my dishwasher and a few more to start laundry.  This helped me realize that I really do have time to do little things that make a big difference in the appearance of my home and make me feel better.

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