Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 Days of Homemaking - Day 12 - Children

Psalm 127:3 tells us that children are a gift from the Lord.

I believe it!  I love my sweet Emery Rose.  Since she's been born, my homemaking has changed drastically.  Now I have to think about laundry, food, baths, sleep, etc. for another person.  It can get overwhelming, but I've found a couple of tips that have helped so much.

1.  Have a routine!  Emery (and most children) work best on a schedule.  She wakes up right around the same time everyday which starts with a clean diaper, lots of love, a nursing session, and Mickey Mouse Club House (while I take a shower).  She always eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner right around the same time.  And she usually naps around the same time.  We also have a bedtime routine.  This makes life so much easier.  Unless we have a church activity, Emery is in bed between 6:30-7:30.  She thrives on structure.  That gives me 3-5 hours to myself or with Jeremiah before we go to bed.

2.  Get everything ready the night before.  Pick out your outfit, get homework finished, pack your lunch, pack the diaper bag, etc. the night before.  Then you don't have to scramble in the morning trying to get everything put together.

These are just 2 basic steps that have made all the difference for me.  In our home, we all know what's coming next (well, most of the time) :).  We have crazy busy schedules, so every little bit of organization helps!

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