Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Isn't it amazing how sometimes you can run out of things to say so quickly and other times you can't stop talking? Well, now is one of those times I've ran out of things to say...well....almost....

All the Christmas decorations are up....all of the shopping is done (except picking up something at BAM). I still have to put the gifts together and wrap them up. This year, Miah and I did a lot of canning - - so most of our family will get the fruits of our labor as Christmas presents :) (sorry to spoil the surprise!). We got pretty "hat" boxes from Hobby Lobby to put all of the cans in (which are really jars). I love giving gifts and try to really think about what I give every year. I hope the receivers aren't disappointed by the homemade gifts this year. They are getting my Best of Show AND 1st Place award winning hot pepper jelly :) and either corn relish or squash relish and a jar of homemade BBQ sauce.

Miah and I decided to just do stockings this year - - to save a little money and put our efforts into paying off his truck...YAY! no more automobile payments after this month! I'm excited for him to see what's in his stocking this year. It's not much, but I think he'll enjoy it. :)

My dad is always the hardest to shop for because if he wants something he goes ahead and gets it. I had to think and think and think and think about what to get him this year. His gift is the last one I'll get. It'll be nice to not have to go into any stores the rest of the week!

Now I'm rambling. So, I'll stop. :)

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