Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I'm not one who normally rants on blogs/posts about the things that are aggravating me, but today, I got especially irritated....

Have you ever read the book, The House that Cleans Itself, by Mindy Starns Clark? Well, my friend, Audrey, (whom I've mentioned before) got it for me as a wedding gift. I love the book! It's for those of us who hate to clean, are really bad at it, but desperately wish they were neat-freaks. That's me! So, in the book, Clark says that there's one room in your house that if it's clean you feel on top of the world and if it's messy it can really bother you emotionally. For me, it's the bathroom. Her tip is to keep that specific room clean no matter if the whole house is upside down because at least your favorite spot will be peaceful. I try to do that. In our apartment we only have 1 bathroom. It's not very big, but it serves its purpose. I try to keep it clean and decorated just they way I like it. I feel at peace in my home if it's clean.

Now to my aggravation - - apparently the toilet pipes have been leaking and are causing the floor beneath it to give way. So, the landlord sent over the handy-woman to fix it. She's sweet enough and has fixed other things in our apartment. I went home for lunch today to find a huge hole cute in the bathroom floor. No biggy - - stuff happens. HOWEVER, I was talking to the lady and said, "So, I guess we'll have to get new flooring for the bathroom?" She said, "Well, Boyd [the landlord], told me to just patch it up with some linoleum and a metal strip. I don't like the idea, so I'll try to get you entirely new flooring, but I'm not sure."

WHAT?!?! Ok, I'm probably overreacting. I got SO mad...not at my landlord! How CHEAP is that? Linoleum flooring is ridiculously cheap. Seriously, the entire floor could probably be replaced for no more than $20. I pay my rent ontime, and pay every month. There's no need to be so cheap.

I'm mortified at the idea of my special clean place looking tacky. :(

I'm getting Miah to call him and ask for him to not patch the floor with metal strips (image the strips that go between a door way that has 2 different types of flooring - - it would just be randomly placed around the bathroom floor where the huge hole was cut out) I'm overreacting? Let me know.

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