Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Off the Couch!

What a difference 2 months makes.  Running (I call it that, but it's definitely more like jogging) has become a regular part of my life.  When I started on May 1, I knew this time was different.  This was a grace-filled change in my life.  It felt right in my whole being.  It's funny to me though how I have such a love-hate relationship with it.  From what I can tell, if you're a runner, you know what I mean.  It's painful, hard, HOT and humid, but it's also amazing, fulfilling, and motivating.

My husband gave me the best piece of advice ever.  He said, "When you don't feel like doing it is exactly when you need to do it."  I couldn't agree more.  There was a week right around Mother's Day that Emery and I were both so sick.  I've never had the flu, but I think that might have been it.  I couldn't breathe.  My body was sore.  And, I just wanted to sleep.  But I knew I had to keep running.  This was such a pivotal time in my journey (the beginning) that I needed to keep going no matter what.  I'm so so so so thankful I kept going.  

Currently we are on Week 7 (of 9) in the C25K training.  We repeated weeks 1-5.  From this point on we are jogging the entire time except for the 5 minute warm up walk and cool down walk. 

Just a little progress report...when I first started the C25K training running 1 minute was exhausting and so hard. I remember thinking, "Can I make it?  Running for 1 whole minute?"  Well, yes I could!  And, as of yesterday, I've jogged 25 minutes straight without stopping.  AND, an added bonus is I've lost 11 lbs!

I'm really learning that for me, my running ability is 90% mind, 5% hydration, and 5% what I ate that day.  (That's my very non-expert breakdown).  My body is capable of doing so much more than I ever thought it could.  If my heart isn't in it that day it's harder.  If I'm 100%, I feel like I could keep going.  When I find just the right pace and breathing pattern it feels so good!

I feel so proud and honored to be living my life right now.  This journey is wonderful.  God is constantly showing me things that have blessed me while running.  Just last night, I was wanting to look back to check on some people behind us, but whenever I did I got off and it felt like the energy was zapped from me.  I felt like God was telling me, "Let the past be the past.  If you keep looking back, you'll loose your focus and energy for the future."  It was so fitting and just what I needed to hear.  It's amazing how much running relates to life.  I love it!


  1. Like Lot's wife, don't look back! :)

  2. 25 minutes straight? Shut the front door!

    That's awesome, Kristen! Look how far you've come. So happy for you.

    Keep pressing forward!