Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Warning in the Form of a Dream

I believe God speaks to us in our dreams.  He's spoken to me countless times in those late night hours; trying to get things across to me and messages for others.

Jeremiah and I have never had similar dreams, but recently we both had dreams with a common thread.  I know God's speaking to us.

I dreamed last week that a poisonous baby snake was trying to wrap itself around Emery's neck and bite her.  With all of my might I got the snake in my possession before it could wrap completely around her and held it's head in a tight pinch between my pointer finger and thumb so I could kill it.  It was so strong, stronger than me.  I was having to squeeze so tightly.  I knew something greater than me was having to give me the strength, because there was no way that I was able to do it alone.  

Jeremiah dreamed recently that he was in Africa and climbing up a tree.  On his way up he passed by a snake, but knew it wasn't poisonous so he wasn't worried.  Then he came across another snake.  He knew it was poisonous.  He grabbed the snack close to it's head, but he was too far back that the snake had leverage to still bite him, so he had to throw the snake away.

In both of our dreams the snakes represent evil and deceit.  God wants to protect us from that as it tried to make its way to us.  He's letting us know He will be the one to take care of the issues.  We may be His hands in doing so, but He provides His ability...grace, so it's seemingly effortless on our part.  We are to be aware of our surroundings.  We are to not be afraid.  Not all of the snakes we see are for us to take part in.  God will let us know what He wants us to do. Being diligent to listen to the Holy Spirit and resting in God's love and grace will show us what direction to go in to keep our family safe.

These dreams are special.  I love that God cares so much about us that He wants to protect us and wants to let us know that He's the one doing the protecting.  We have nothing to fear.

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  1. Good word, Kristen. Thank you for sharing the wisdom. I love dreams! Night time parables!