Monday, November 14, 2011

Living the Sweet Life! Really!

Life really is sweet.  God designed it to be that way.  When my heart is broken by people, when issues come up,  when life gets overwhelming, when people have vain imaginations about what they think I think, say, or believe, when people assume they know, when I have vain imaginations I have to say, "I trust you, Lord."  I trust you, Lord.  It's not my place to worry about other people.  It's my place to love people.  It's my place to rest.  It's my place to be obedient to who He's made me.

It takes time and heart-change to get to a place of trust and rest.  It takes time and heart-change to really be obedient with only love being the motivation.  The journey of it all is life.  And, really, it is sweet.


  1. I think this blog has the perfect name, because you definitely represent what a "sweet" life in Him looks like.

  2. Thank you Heather -- you are a big encouragement :)

  3. How sweet. Loved this and you.