Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Point

I thank God that He's brought me to this point.  I can't thank Him enough.

I was praying the other night while rocking Emery (it's one of our favorite things to do).  She loves to chime in with her "Amen!"  As we were thanking God, I just could not thank Him enough for bringing me to this point in my life.  Thank you, God!

At this point in my life I know that:

I am loved.  I am seriously, unconditionally, and passionately loved by my Father.  And, I know nothing can separate me from that love.

My sin is not an issue to God.  It's over and done with to Him.  And, because of this I have the power to overcome it because I know it's not 'who I am.'

I have an awesome little and big family.  My husband is a really good man.  He gives up going to hockey games just so he can help me put Emery to bed.  He loves to cook supper.  And, he's really thoughtful.  I couldn't have asked for a better match for me.  Emery is such a big blessing in a little package.  God obviously knew what He was doing when he made me that little girl's momma.  I also love my 'bigger' family.  They love me and we stick by each other.  I don't care who doesn't like them (well, maybe a little because I don't understand how anyone cannot like them).  I don't care what other people think about them.  My family is called of God and we are fulfilling that calling the way we believe He wants us to.  I don't know anyone else who loves people more.

Jeremiah and I have great jobs.  We both get to help people all day, everyday.

My understanding of God's love and grace keeps growing and growing.  I know I'll never fully grasp it on this earth, but I'm glad He continues to give me more and more glimpses of it.

I have a beautiful home and more "things" than I could ever possibly need.  God cares about the little stuff I care about.

Even though this year has been probably the toughest of my adult life, I know God's always there for me.  And even when people choose to not have integrity, are really two-faced, and blatantly hurt others, I know God will take care of me.  My identity is in Him.

God is bring a refreshing to my heart.  It's so sweet of Him.  He's brought me to this point and He will take me to the next.  I'm learning to trust Him more and more.

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