Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year! Every new year is happy, really! It's a chance to start fresh and dream about the new!

2010 held so many wonderful things for me! The year started off just as any other. My husband and I enjoying each other, living in our apartment, just have celebrated our 1st anniversary in October. At the very beginning of March we found out I was pregnant! It was the most exciting and scary thing we'd ever faced! At that point, we went into overdrive trying to find a home (our apartment was just not big enough), a new car (he drives a truck and I drove a 2-door Jeep Wrangler), and plan for this new little person to come into our lives. We quickly traded my Jeep for a Nissan Murano and the house search began. (We also wanted to get the 1st time home buyers credit). Shortly after we began looking, I saw a house online that wasn't particularly what I would go for, but I loved the curtains in the pictures I saw (I know--weird!). So we decided to take a look. It had most of the things we wanted, everything we needed, and a few extras we were thrilled to get. We put in an offer, and after a couple of back-and-forths, we became home owners! At this time, Jeremiah also began his first year of earning his MBA...he has so much to balance, and has done amazing this year -- even keeping a 4.0GPA in grad school!

Around the time of us moving in, we found out we were having a sweet baby girl, Emery Rose. We got started on decorating her room and then waiting for her arrival.

My mother and I spent lots of time sewing her bedding and curtains. I had a vision and wouldn't settle for less. We were blessed by so many with pretty much everything we needed to comfortably welcome a baby girl to the world. We were ready.

November 5 she was born. Such a treasure to us! We were able to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas as a new family! 2010 was a dream come true!

2011 I expect to be just as wonderful if not better! We know God has wonderful plans for us!

I usually don't set resolutions -- I don't work well under pressure (even if I put it on myself). But I did want to have a couple of goals of organization for my home. I love being a momma and want to be a great my goals are simple....

  • Clean the refrigerator.
  • Organize all important documents in our home.
  • Cook more meals at home.
That's it. I've started on all of them. Almost finished with the 1st two on my list. :) Life is good!

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  1. It does get better every year, each phase of their lives are so precious. :) Here's to a wonderful 2011!